Buying a Home On Long Island

Buying a home on Long Island right now isn't easy. You've made it here to our website. Great!

Let's cut to the chase.

Forget about all the fluff of me and my team being great real estate agents and all that other stuff you see on other real estate agent and broker websites.

We're professional, fun and dedicated to our clients. Okay...

What Do We Do To Help You Buy A Home On Long Island?

Whether you got here from our youtube video about buying a home on Long Island, our podcast or our social media, we want to make sure you get what you're looking for.

First thing's first, we use multiple strategies to find you homes to choose from that don't have 55 people at an open house and 17 offers to battle out against. So that's a good thing.

You can call us to set up an appointment to get started or you can fill out this detailed form online and we'll contact you to discuss further. It's up to you.

What we want to learn is where you want to buy, the type of style and condition of home you're looking for and the price point you're searching in. Now, we will also dive into all options and we will discuss other things that are important to you and the process.

In this day and age where we all basically live our lives from day to day on our mobile devices. It's easy to search for houses sitting at home with a glass of wine just swiping from house to house and looking at all the pictures, but let's be honest, in this market - that doesn't translate into a reality of actually finding a home that you can buy.

Let's Get Started

So click that link or call us at (631)831-9048. We'll end up meeting one way or the other in person to chat. Whether it's at a Starbucks (I prefer Dunkin but I can do a Frap), a restaurant, your home or at our office, we'll get together and go over every aspect of what's important to you and the process.

Thank you! We look forward to working so incredibly hard for you that you're blown away by what we do and how we do it that you'll tell all your friends, co-workers and family members. 

Equal Housing Broker

We show all homes, to all people, in all areas, all the time.